about keeley

Keeley Teemsma is a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist. Ms. Teemsma holds graduate degrees in Sociology and Clinical Social Work from CUNY Queens College and New York University, respectively.  She is often an “expert consultant” for various televised and print media.  In addition to publication in TIME, she has conducted original research on attitudes and behaviors of law enforcement personnel, as well as political polling, and public opinion research on a variety of topics including religion, family life, finance, and risk-taking behaviors. Ms. Teemsma has worked as a Clinical Quality Improvement consultant and has had direct clinical experience with adults, youth, and families. Furthermore, she has extensive experience in working with adults with severe personality disorders, persistent mental illnesses, TV/gaming/computer addiction, hoarding, obesity, and law enforcement & public service personnel, and the LGBT communities.