relationship therapy

Relationships take a great deal of hard work in terms of maintaining one’s own satisfaction and sense of self, in addition to being considerate of partners. I am available to facilitate pre-commitment counseling for those considering entering into co-habitation, life partnership, and marriage.

Therapy can be used as a forum to speak openly without feelings of judgment or contempt. I am happy to help those in relationships strengthen the pathways of communication as well as communication skills.

I believe that sex plays a role in any healthy relationship and provide a safe space for partners to discuss sexuality and sexual preferences.

As a sex-positive therapist, I understand that every relationship is unique and fully welcome partners of all backgrounds to participate in therapy. I am proud and honored to be one of the few therapists in the Bay Ridge area to be friendly to poly-amorous relationships, open relationships, monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships and heterosexual relationships. I think it is important to acknowledge that every relationship has different goals and preferences.

Other areas where I may be of assistance may include partners expecting a new child, ongoing parenting issues and development of parenting styles so that partners can act as a unified front, new marriages and life partnerships, as well as partners considering separation or divorce as well as separation and divorce mediation.

* Please note that children are not permitted in session under any circumstance.