group psychotherapy

I am currently recruiting participants for the following groups:

Teen/Tween Issues: For patients of any gender ages 11 to 14. Topics of discussion may include academic achievement, anger management, coping skills, wellness, family, friendships, and changes in our bodies.

Communicating with difficult people: For adult patients of any gender over the age of 18. Do you interact with people who are just plain difficult? Do you have people in your life diagnosed with or who meet the criteria for a personality disorder? Do you feel frustrated and stressed out? This group will seek to address some of those communication issues, help to de-stress, gain insight, and accept what cannot be changed in others.

Young Adult Issues: For patients of any gender ages 22 to 30. Topics of discussion may include anxiety, career counseling, academic counseling and preparing for college/graduate education, relationship issues, budgeting, time management, life transition and “the quarter-life crisis”, and planning for the future.

All groups will meet once weekly at my office in Bay Ridge. Sessions are 90 minutes long. Days/times TBD. For individuals paying out of pocket (versus using insurance or insurance reimbursement) the cost is $40 per session. Group therapy is an excellent way to reduce social anxiety, work on communication and public speaking, gaining insight and hearing various viewpoints and is often less costly than individual therapy.