individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is a way for you to learn about yourself including items such as diagnosis and symptoms, behavioral and communication patterns, thought patterns, and relational patterns. It can also be used to clarify one’s values and direction in life.  It can be used for ventilation and as time to de-stress. But it can also help to address unresolved issues from the past in order to gain closure and to begin again on a new, positive path.

No two people are alike—each person requires an individualized approach in order to change, grow, and heal.

I do my best, during session time, to act as an empathetic non-authoritarian guide. This is your time to discuss your needs. We can work on issues in your present life, we can delve into items from your past, or a combination of both.  I will use a variety of techniques, such as Gestalt, REBT, CBT, psychodynamics, supportive counseling, and Motivational Interviewing, to name a few.

These are examples of things some of my patients have worked on: 

  • Feelings of loneliness, sadness, anxiety, worry, depression
  • Difficulty in forming or maintaining intimate relationships
  • Difficulty with family and friends
  • Sexual orientation issues such as coming-out
  • Gender identity issues
  • Professional or career challenges
  • Understanding symptoms and mental illness, of either themselves or of a loved one


How long does psychotherapy take?

The length of time spent in therapy varies widely from person to person. Some people elect short-term therapy, lasting a few weeks, while others find it beneficial and attend therapy for years in order to better manage stress. I do not have any particular requirements regarding how long I expect patients to see me, nor the amount of times monthly. I ask to see patients at a minimum of once per month, but can accommodate up to two times weekly, at this juncture, if needed.