law enforcement and public service personnel

If contacted, I am glad to share my academic, research, professional, and personal experiences that qualify my expertise in working with law enforcement and other public service professionals.

I understand that in many communities, including the aforementioned, seeking mental health services is often seen as a “taboo” and can directly have an impact on one’s job and position. I am fully aware of the need for discretion and privacy. I take privacy rights under HIPAA very seriously. I am more than happy to collaborate with any other professional you would like involved in your treatment with me, provided that we have reviewed the types of information I may disclose and proper documentation is signed.

I understand the stressors of what public service work entails, for both professionals and family members. I believe that such stressors can have a great impact on one’s personal life and family dynamics, but work to help in coping with such stressors and increasing healthy communication to strengthen relationships.

Keeley Teemsma, MA, MSW, LCSW