more about me

a few random tidbits…

– I was born and raised in New York and have never lived anywhere else.
– My teams are: Mets/Rangers/Nets/Jets.
– I have been vegetarian (with periods of vegan) since I was a tween.
– I can swim any stroke except for the breast stroke.
– Keeley is actually my middle name. Most people have a first name and middle initial; I have a first initial and middle name. My first initial is O.
– I took Irish step dancing lessons as a tween and teen and danced at the Eastern Regional Oireachtas on multiple occasions.
– I am currently learning to play the violin and the tin whistle.
– I have two tabby cats named Emmett Love and Fiona Sibeal.
– I do not smoke and never have.
– I’ve worn eye glasses for as long as I can remember.
– I actually enjoy going to the dentist.
– Yes, I have gone to therapy myself, most of which was psychoanalytic.
– I am, without a doubt, a morning person.
– I’d classify myself as an introvert.
– My personality leans more to Type B than it does to Type A.
– I understand French, Spanish and Urdu.
– I’ve gone camel riding and held a tiger, jaguar, and lion.
– The one food I would find it extremely difficult to live without is Oreo Cookies.