sexual orientation and gender identity issues

I’m glad to be able to provide some information about my approach to exploration of sexuality and gender identity, two very different entities which often get intertwined.

I am one of the very few therapists in Bay Ridge and South-West Brooklyn considered to be trans* friendly. I consider the trans* community to be an integral part of culture in New York City and believe that each person deserves a safe space to talk and process emotions without fear of judgement or feelings of discomfort. I fully support your use of your preferred gender pronoun and will call you by whichever name you wish, regardless of whether this is your legal name. I view gender dysphoria and gender identity as something with a biological basis that one does not have a choice in. I am happy to provide support and psychoeducation to families of trans* individuals as well.

I consider myself to be sex positive and kink-friendly. My role as a therapist is not to judge your choices and sexual preferences, but rather to provide a place of acceptance and respect. I am happy to work with you to explore your sexuality and make healthy choices. I am also able to help with issues such as sex or pornography addiction, so that individuals can work on issues such as repairing relationships and having a healthier, safer sex life.

I welcome the LGBTI communities. I can work with you to disclose sexual orientation to family members and provide psychoeducation. Much like with gender identity, I am very much aware that we do not choose our sexual orientation- we are born into them.

Moreover, I am also one of the few therapists in the area who is trained to work with individuals who identify as Asexual or may feel that they may be on the Asexual Spectrum. I do not believe Asexuality is pathological in nature and hope that my patients can use therapy as a safe space to discuss this aspect of their lives and feel accepted, while gaining a sense of self-acceptance.

Keeley Teemsma, MA, MSW, LCSW